Moving is rated as one of the most stressful situations in life. Even if you are moving to the next neighborhood, it does not mean it will be easy. But what you can do to make your move as easy as possible? The answer is to get as much help as you can. Naturally, we have our close friends and family members to help, especially when it is about demanding processes like moving. Not only they could help you with packing and planning but also help you to cope with moving stress. Otherwise, they will probably miss to remind you of things to check out on your moving contract. Not because they don’t want to help you, it is easy to forget those facts, indeed. Unless they did go through moving recently. But our experts from US Moving Experts are here. Follow our recommendations and don’t worry about mistakes.

Things to check out on your moving contract before signing

As an experienced reliable company, we are close to issues you are facing through relocation. When you are getting ready to move your entire household, the last thing on your mind is moving a contract. Moreover, you will first look around for a trustworthy moving company. At the same time, you will want to find an affordable moving company for your upcoming move. And once you find them, soon it will be time to sign a contract. But before you sign the commitment, take a look at everything you need to check before signing a contract with your movers.

Things to check out on your moving contract
Ask your movers about all misunderstandings.

The importance of a moving contract

The contract might seem like it is not so important. Especially if you are working with a reputable moving company that you can trust. Nevertheless, you might be surprised at how much you can learn from a review of the written contract or bill of lading, before you sign on the dotted line. If you only imagine a picture of yourself at the moment when you realize you are dealing with scammer movers, everything will change. Now that you know you can be a victim of fraudulent movers, you will definitely want to check out the contract for your moving company. You will learn how to identify rogue movers even if you almost decide to hire them. And the lack of the next several important things will save you from a headache the next day.

1. Names and Locations are things to check out on your moving contract

First and foremost, near the top of the contract, you could find some essential information for yourself and your moving company. Basically, this section of the moving contract usually includes contact information for both parties. You will want to make sure that the moving company uses a physical address. It is important to look for the moving company’s physical address even before you hire them. Furthermore, a company that won’t provide a physical address is probably a fraud.


Make a double-check that the address is on the contract and that it matches the moving company’s website or advertising materials. Not only when you hire long-distance movers but also when you are supposed to hire a local service. You will also want to ensure that the moving contract includes your full name and both physical addresses. Your both addresses are equally important, like the one you are currently at and the one you are moving to. Typos in this section could result in serious moving-day problems, so be extremely careful. Consequently, the movers will go by the addresses you write on the contract to find your current and future apartments.

2. Timing and schedules

Another piece of basic information on the contract is the timing and schedule of your move. When it comes to signing your moving contract, watch out for mistakes about the moving date. Every contract should include punctual information about the timing of your move, but mistakes are possible to happen. Do you know when will the packers come? When are the movers coming? And when will your household belongings be transport to your new home? In the end, when will your goods be delivered to your new home? If you want to avoid moving stress, make sure that these details line up with what you and the movers have talked about during the hiring process. Unfortunately, a simple typo on the date can ruin all your plans on moving day.

Check your moving schedule on moving contact.

3. Included Services

One of the most important things to check out on your moving contract is which services are included in your estimate. Because this is the part of the contract where things start to get more serious. The moving contract needs to include a complete list of the services that they will provide you with. Nonetheless, if you are not willing to pay for packing service, check what is written on your contract. Are you just hiring the movers to carry your already-packed boxes? Just make sure packing isn’t included on this list. If you’re paying the company for special services of certain items, make sure those details are on this list. In fact, make sure you’re getting all the services you need without paying for any additional fees.

4. Rates

Most of the moving companies base their pricing on a list of rates. For the most part, it means price by weight. The heavier your stuff, the more you will have to pay for the move. This section of the contract should also include information on other charges that will or may be included. For example, are there fuel surcharges? Or will you have to pay extra if you’re not ready to go when the movers arrive? Will movers charge you for moving things up and down an elevator or stairs? Check all rates on the contract very carefully before you sing.

Check the contract and find out what the services are actually going to cost you.

5. Pricing

The pricing section of the contract is one of the things to check out on your moving contract. It tells you how the company’s rates actually apply to you. This is where will find out what the services are going to cost you. The pricing section should align with any written estimates that the mover has given you. If not, find out why this is the case. You will want to know how much you could possibly pay if something comes up, though, so read this section carefully.

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