After graduation, you are looking for opportunities to find a job right out of college. According to this, you need to move to a city where is possible to succeed in your attentions. Before you even started to look for a solution, you realize that it is not going to be easy. Because two big tasks are in front of you. First, you need to choose a new city where you are going to live in. And second, you have got to move. Here at US Moving Experts, we can help you not only with moving but also with the decision for a city that perfectly suits you. Besides moving tips and tricks, we will give you advice and reasons why Chicago is the best city for millennials. Keep reading and we promise that your move will be easier after reading this article.

5 reasons why Chicago is the best city for millennials

Chicago is a great place for an entry-level job

As Chicago is the third-largest city in America, there are many opportunities to find a job right here. Tons of companies in Chicago are always looking for new talent. Additionally, there’s always plenty of thriving startups. This is one of the reasons why Chicago is a great city for millennials. Instead of wasting time, go straight to Chicago to take your job opportunity.

Dream job
Many companies in Chicago are always looking for new talents, so you have to try!

Life in Chicago is affordable

Dealing with a budget while moving is not easy. Every moving process requires specific costs. Moreover, often it will be necessary to hire local or long-distance moving service. So pay attention to your budget before the move. Life in major cities like Los Angeles or New York could be too pricey. But Chicago is pretty affordable. The minimum wage in Chicago is $10.50, and the costs of living are close to an average income. In contrast to Chicago, the minimum wage in New York is way less than the costs of living. It will be possible to live comfortably even in the first year of living in Chicago.

The food in Chicago is incredible

No matter how old you are, it will be easy to find a neighborhood that suits you. Take a look at Chicago’s best neighborhoods for millennials. This city is famous because of its food. Not only you will adore its classic deep dish pizza and hotdogs but also you can find literally any type of food in Chicago. Chicago is well-known because of its diversity and different cultures. From African to Polish and Italian food, Windy City is famous for its iconic food.

You don’t need a car

Forget about dealing with unnecessary parking tickets and road rage. Because Chicago has a high-quality metro rail and bus system. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) offers a convenient system of buses and trains and it is affordable, indeed. Therefore, once you move here you will realize that you don’t need a car. Instead of driving you will learn walking and biking are extremely common.

Chicago Is the Best City for Millennials
Get used to CTA in Chicago.

People are actually nice

When you are a newcomer somewhere asking strangers for directions or advice could be stressful. Nevertheless, in Chicago, this is not a problem. People here are friendly and polite. Surely it will make you want to be nice, too. Who doesn’t want to be around polite people? This is one of the reasons why Chicago is the best city for millennials.

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