Best guide for senior movement – all you need to know
Moving boxes

Making a decision to move to a new location is the first step and the hardest step for seniors. Hence, congratulations, the hardest part is over. The comfort of your old house brings you a sense of safety and familiarity. However, we need to remember that home is where we are. Recognizing your needs and […]

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Reasons Your Claim Can Get Denied
not calculating everything is one of the reasons your claim can get denied

Once you file an insurance claim, let’s face it – you’re expecting to get your money’s worth. But sometimes, insurance companies can deny your claim; leaving you with the feeling that you’ve been paying your premiums for absolutely nothing. And this goes for all kind of claims, from car insurance to a fire damage claim. […]

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Tips for moving out of parents house
Legs out of the car

This is one of those things you can only really do once, and almost all of us do it: leaving the nest for the first time. It is an essential step in growing into adulthood. A challenge for everybody to overcome as we progress towards a well-rounded person. That step is moving out of parents house and […]

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Moving back to your hometown – what to expect?
A house

Once upon a time you moved out of your hometown and started life elsewhere. Maybe the move was supposed to last only a few years. Or maybe it was supposed to last a lifetime. Either way, it felt like the best choice at the time. Now, many years later, you are considering moving back to […]

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Everything you need to know when moving to Canada
Flag of Canada

Moving is, by its nature, a huge life change and challenging experience to undertake. There are a lot of elements that go into uprooting your life and moving in search of job, comfort, studies or wanderlust. However, moving to Canada, the second biggest country on Earth presents its own set of challenges. Let’s have a […]

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