The winter period is difficult for any home. From decorating your house for the holidays to having summer items around you can find yourself in a cluttered space without even noticing it. For that reason, we at US Moving Experts have decided to make a list of 10 useful tips for storing stuff for winter. Above all, harsh winters and the cold can seriously damage your items. For instance, items that aren’t covered up and stored properly will probably need repair after you picked them up in the spring, or even worse, they could be completely out of function. Here are just some suggestions when you decide to store your items for winter.

Clean your items up

Everything you put in storage should be properly cleaned. Especially if you’re storing away your barbecuing equipment, as it can attract rats and other animals with the smell. If they get inside your unit they can damage other stuff you’ve put there. That’s why we at storage Chicago advise you to polish everything you put inside. It shows good manners and it will be much nicer to take back cleaned stuff out of the storage unit than to take it back dirty.

Woman cleaning a surface
When putting anything inside a storage unit it needs to be properly cleaned

Tips for storing stuff for winter – Repair your stuff

When you store some devices, you probably won’t use them for months. For that reason, you need to check the functionality of everything. You don’t want an unpleasant surprise come springtime. Above all, any type of machine will suffer under harsh winter conditions, so renting a storage unit after your residential move would be a great idea. And remember, this is the perfect time to check if everything is working. You will be less stressed out knowing that when spring comes around your items are ready to be used.

Protect your items

Whether you’re packing or storing items, it’s always a good idea to give them extra protection. But why is it so important? Well, it doesn’t only keep the items dust-free, but it also protects them from bugs. Especially if you’re storing your stuff for a long period of time. Try to avoid using plastic wrapping, even though it is used for packing for a move because it can trap moisture and damage your stuff. That’s why we recommend using wool or cotton blankets as they are good insulators.

Tips for storing stuff for winter – Hide your gifts

With winter comes also the holiday spirit. It’s the time of giving and gifting and one place where your kids won’t find your gifts is your storage unit. The same goes for your packing material. It will make your home so much cleaner without the mess of hiding and wrapping your presents. Also, it’s always a good place to put your old Christmas decorations if and when you buy new ones. Be ready to feel like a real Santa for your kids when you put the presents under the tree as they will have no chance of finding their gifts early.

Christmas gift inside a storage unit
Hiding a gift inside a storage unit will keep it safe and well-hidden

Canned items

You need to pay attention to canned goods or items that are sealed. The temperature difference could easily cause them to burst or leak, so pay attention. Obviously, anything that was inside those cans isn’t consumable anymore. The best option for you would be to put the cans inside a refrigerator as it will be able to maintain a consistent temperature over long periods of time. By doing that you will not just preserve your cans in mint condition, but also avoid potential accidents.

Store away your lawnmower

It’s time to store your lawnmower and make space for tools you’re going to need during winter. For example, shovels, salt, and snow blowers. Be sure that your lawnmower is completely cleaned, especially the area underneath it which at times can have still some grass stuck to it. Also, make sure you get all the gasoline out of it. If you leave old gasoline in the tank it will not be there in the spring and it won’t be usable because it dissolves. Even worse, gas left inside a lawnmower for a long period of time can damage your machine.

Gardening equipment

As for the lawnmower here too you can say that it’s time to put these items away. Be it rakes, flower pots, hoses, or spades they shouldn’t clutter your garage or basement anymore because you won’t be needing them. You should be giving them a good clean before you store them. And of course, for some extra space, you can always store your tools by putting them together and putting cardboard over them, and labeling them, so that when spring comes you know where you put your gardening tools.

Tips for storing stuff for winter – Put away your summer items

When winter comes you will not be needing your summer items, being it clothing or items like barbecuing equipment. Try your best to wrap anything you want to store in plastic wrap as items like your summer clothes or cooking pan won’t be damaged by it. Another positive of having everything wrapped is also that it will stop any insects from getting into your items. That’s why it’s extremely important to clean everything up before storing it.

A lit barbecue
You won’t need barbecue equipment during the winter

Keep your electronics above ground

While this seems odd many people make the same mistake. If you decide to store away your electronic devices in a storage room be careful. The temperature inside a storage unit can get very low and the floor is the coldest spot inside it. Even in a climate-controlled unit, the temperature can get very low. Low temperatures affect electronics. The batteries get low and the intricate software parts malfunction. So when you put them in your storage unit keep in mind to have them off the floor.

Tips for storing stuff for winter – Put away your sports equipment

A real sports fan has a garage or basement full of sports equipment. Obviously, with winter comes cold temperatures and snow. For that reason, there’s no need for your basketballs, jump ropes, baseball bats, and tennis racquets to be cluttering your space. For best results try to pack them together and label them, so when springtime comes and the sun shines again you can pick the equipment up from the storage and start playing your favorite sport.

Storing your stuff for the winter can sometimes present a real challenge. But at the same time, it’s the perfect moment to declutter. For everything you need to be in a storage unit during the winter, we gave you our some useful tips for storing stuff for winter and we hope it’s helpful. On the other hand, you might find out that some items you can donate to charity, as you don’t need them anymore. It’s a great opportunity to be charitable for the holidays and declutter your garage and basement. Enjoy your winter and happy holidays!

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