Have you always wondered about life in Florida? Some people would describe it as paradise on Earth. It has everything that you need and more. If you still are not convinced about Florida, let’s list 10 reasons why you should move to Florida. These reasons will definitely inspire you to move to Florida, so pack your bags and set off to a new adventure.

Weather in Florida

If you are the person who really hates snow and cold, then move to Florida. This state has approximately 200 sunny days per year. This means you can enjoy sunny and warm weather throughout the whole year. Additionally, since you do not have hide inside in order to avoid cold weather, you can spend your valuable time outside doing all sorts of fun activities. Warm weather is also great for meeting new people. If you are looking for love, you can visit top places for singles in FL.

plants and a white tower in the back
200 sunny days per year


Who does not like going to the beach? You can meet many interesting people there while having fun swimming, sunbathing and surfing. Some of the most famous beaches in Florida are the following.

  • Clearwater Beach is the stunning white-sand beaches where you can play volleyball or go dolphin watching.
  • Palm Beach is the most popular beach in Florida and quite extravagant with plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts.
  • Siesta Key is a great place for families since it has many playgrounds and amazing spots for a picnic.
  • South Beach is a place where you can the iconic Miami lifestyle. It has exciting nightlife and luxurious shops.
  • Atlantic Beach is more for history buffs since you can visit the Beaches Museum and History Center.
  • Delray Beach is a beach for sport. It has everything, from paddleboarding, sailing to

There’s no state income tax

Do you want to save money? Then you need to move to Florida. Citizens of Florida are quite lucky since they are not required to pay state income taxes. They can save their hard earned money for buying a house, sending their children to prestigious universities or for a holiday in a foreign country. It all depends on personal preference. Since you will have the opportunity to save some money, it is up to you how will you spend it.

Real state market in Florida

You can find an amazing house for a relatively cheap in Florida. The real estate market has been going strong for quite some time, especially in Miami. For the same amount of money, you can rent a place with an ocean view in Florida, while in New York you can only find a cramped apartment. Affordable cost of living in Florida is definitely a strong reason to move to this sunny state.

Education in Florida

If you are moving as a student to Florida, you will not be disappointed. The largest university is the University of Central Florida with 64,000 students. Stetson University is the first private university in the state. You can get a quality education and a good start in your professional career by attending one of many universities in Florida. Fun fact, this state charged the second lowest tuition in the United States in 2016.

Cultural diversity

Florida is like no other country in the United States. Miami is known as the capital of Latin America because of the high number of Hispanic people living there. You might be living in the United States, but you will have the feeling of living in Latin America. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to try delicious Latin food and enjoy their music and dances. However, they are not the only ethnic minority present in Florida. Florida truly is known for cultural diversity as you can hear people speaking every language from French to Chinese and everything in-between.

picture of a dock in the sunset
Beautiful beaches

Healthy life

People from Florida are quite serious about a healthy lifestyle and about looking good. It comes as no surprise since there are so many beaches where you need to show off your healthy body. For this reason, many people enjoy water sports such as swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. Additionally, fashion is almost as important as a healthy lifestyle. You need to dress well in order to show off the outcome of all the hard work.

Nature in Florida

If you are an outdoor type of person, then you should move to Florida. It has two National parks, the Florida Everglades and Biscayne Bay. Biscayne National Park is home to one and only living coral reef in the United States, called the Florida Reef. By visiting these two national parks, you can see stunning nature and wildlife. Just be careful since there are more than 200.000 alligators living in the area. However, do not let this discourage you from exploring the state of Florida. You can go hiking, biking, canoeing or even swimming with dolphins. Plenty of ideas for a date if you are moving as a couple to Florida.

move to Florida to swim with dolphins
You can swim with dolphins


There is no end to entertainment options in Florida. Because of the cultural diversity, there are many different cultural festivals that you can visit. You will have the amazing opportunity to get to know many different cultures from all around the world, to try their food, listen to their music and have a great time. Furthermore, since it is one of the most popular states in the country, there are numerous galleries, parties, music and film festivals.

Disney world

Disney world is the last reason to move to Florida. Although it is not as important as others on this list, it is worth mentioning. You will have the chance to visit Disney World whenever you want and to hang out with Mickey Mouse and the rest of the crew.

Reasons to Move to Florida

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should move to Florida. Warm weather, no state income tax, affordable houses, and beautiful beaches are all waiting for you in Florida. It is time to bag your suitcase and to book a one-way flight.


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